LeadRobin is a simple way to dole out incoming leads to agents and track their performance.


A lead arrives via email.

Any source that can email you a lead can be filtered and assigned by LeadRobin.


Within seconds, the lead is distributed according to your rules.

Route incoming leads to the right agents by zip code, value, neighborhood, and more. Rules may be as simple or complex as you need.


The Agent has a limited time to answer the lead.

If the lead is not answered in the time frame you've set, the lead is sent to the next agent in your distribution list.


Once answered, the agent sees all lead & property info.

Now it's up to the agent. LeadRobin has done its job and gets out of everyone's way.


You monitor agent performance.

Leads are expensive. See how agents are responding to them.

Monthly packages start at $50.

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