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Get Leads From Everywhere

Leads From Everywhere!

Lead management is crucial for your team. LeadRobin is a new, innovative and easy-to-use method for funneling your leads through one place to better track agent and lead generation performance.

  • No firm too big or small
  • Support for multiple offices
  • Add and remove distribution rules
  • Create groups for specific types of leads
  • Agent response metrics
  • Lead origination metrics

Quick Set-Up

Create your account in a matter of minutes with our simple sign up process.

Set Your Email Address

Change your lead email address in any system to the email provided to you at signup.

Set Some Rules

Decide how you want all your leads to be handled.

Sit Back & Relax

Now LeadRobin will take care of the rest. Check back to review how your agents are performing.
LeadRobin on iPad

Awesome Core Features

We have worked tirelessly assembling a system to simplify how leads are handled.

Metrics on the iPad

Take Control

Don't Lose Another Lead


You decide how you want leads to be distributed. You can assign agents to specific ZIP codes and price ranges or have them choose for themselves.


Do not let that lead go unanswered! Give agents a time limit to accept it or send it along to the next agent.


LeadRobin gives you data to evaluate your agents and find out who is the most and least responsive.

A system that works…simply

LeadRobin is the brainchild of two guys with decades of real estate industry expertise. The problem at hand was simple: Leads were coming in from a variety of places, and there was no way to see what was happening to them.

Not wanting to spend thousands on a complicated CRM system, they decided to develop their own lead solution. LeadRobin was born.

LeadRobin is a place to send all your leads to be dispersed to agents based on simple distribution rules you set up. Collect data on who is accepting the leads quickly and who is not.


Affordable Pricing

Level 1



Up to 10 Agents

  • Single Office Support Only
  • No Custom Groups
  • 500 SMS/month overage $5/mo per 250 SMS or any portion
Level 2



Up to 50 Agents

  • Support for Multiple Offices
  • Support for Custom Groups
  • 750 SMS/month overage $5/mo per 250 SMS or any portion
Level 3



Up to 100 Agents

  • Support for Multiple Offices
  • Support for Custom Groups
  • 1000 SMS/month overage $5/mo per 250 SMS or any portion

More than 100 Agents? No problem!

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